GOI UNDP URR Programme


Background- GOI-UNDP experience of implementing Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project (2003-2009)

38 cities across the country falling in Seismic Zone III,IV and V and having a population more than five lakhs.

Goal: Sustainable reduction in earthquake risk in the most earthquake prone urban areas across the country. 

The Broad Objectives:

·         Awareness Generation.

·         Development of Earthquake Preparedness and Response Plans.

·         Training and Capacity Building

·         Facilitating amendments of Building Byelaws to ensure structural safety

·         Networking  of knowledge

Four key Deliverables:

•          Deliverable 1:  Risk Assessment and Disaster Risk Reduction for Urban Development Programmes.

•          Deliverable 2:  Capacity-building in Urban Risk Reduction.

•          Deliverable 3:  Institutional Strengthening for Urban Risk Management.

•          Deliverable 4:  Urban Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction

Deliverable 1  

Risk Assessment and Disaster Risk Reduction for Urban Development Programmes.


              Conduct Urban Risk and Vulnerability Assessments.

             •      Data for hazards, risks and vulnerabilities in the urban context will be collated, analyzed and validated to make appropriate risk information available.

             •      Physical, social, economic and environmental vulnerability will be analyzed.

             •      Risk Mapping will be done and probability of major hazards will be assessed.


              Facilitate integration of disaster risk reduction into urban development programmes.

Deliverable 2

               Capacity-building in Urban Risk Reduction

Activity 1:

              •    Strengthen enforcement of building codes, byelaws and development control regulations.

              •    Facilitate in developing an appropriate regulatory/legislative mechanism.


              •    Training and capacity-building for safer construction practices and urban planning

Deliverable 3: Institutional Strengthening for Urban Risk Management

Activity 1:  Strengthening institutional capacity for urban DRM

              •    Setting up of a dedicated DM Cells.

              •    Training and capacity building of officials.

              •    Preparation of City Disaster Management Plan. 

Activity 2: Strengthening disaster response capacity for city level DRM

              •    Emergency Support Functions.

              •    City level Emergency Operation Centre.

              •    Setting up and training of Urban Emergency Response Team.

              •    Strengthening of inter-departmental mechanism for disaster response

Deliverable 4:  Urban Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction   


             •     Awareness generation.

             •     Community based risk assessment and preparation of community based Disaster Risk Reduction Plans.

             •    Training and capacity building of community based organizations and community volunteers on disaster response and preparedness.

             •     Promoting Housing Insurance.