Awareness Generation and IEC materials development:

1.    23 of disaster management documentaries/ films/ jingles have been dubbed into Bengali and distributed to all districts and line departments for conducting awareness programmes at their levels.

2.    Story and drawing books for school students have been developed and shared

3.    Awareness booklets, training manuals, handouts, posters have been developed and being used.

4.    State level Annual Mega Quiz, Dist& Sub-div level quiz events organized at different occasions.

5.    Regular TV and Radio talks on disaster management are being carried on for public awareness.

6.    News flashes through local dailies are being carried out at different times.

7.    Disaster Movies through local TV channels are being telecasted at different times.

8.    Three training modules for PRIs, Community Volunteers and Disaster Management Team members on Disaster Management have been developed.

9.    Three types of posters, three types of handouts on Disaster Safety Tips (Earthquakes, Floods and Cyclones) were printed and distributed upto the panchayat levels.

10. Five types of booklets have been distributed on Disaster Management for the officials, PRIs and volunteers upto the panchayat levels.

11. Four types of school safety booklets have been printed and distributed all DMs and SDMs for using in School level training and awareness programmes.

12. State and District level seminars and awareness programmes are being organized at different times.

13. Observation of different events on Disaster Management at different levels.

14. Awareness campaigns through Students, NCC, NSS & Civil Defence Volunteers and NGOs are being organized at different times.

15. Opening of DM awareness stalls in state and district level programmes.

16. Street Plays on disaster management in various hazard themes are being showcased at different occasions and attract public attention.